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Atlas ATM is a Rhode Island based company which places Automatic Teller Machines in the New England area covering Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and Connecticut.

All installations are provided by Factory and State Certified installers.
  • Atlas ATM has a No-Cost placement program to help you serve the Cash Needs of your customers.
  • Atlas ATM starts revenue sharing from the first transaction. Most private ATM operators will not revenue share unless you pay all the expenses involved with operating an ATM.

    Most financial institutions will only revenue share after some specified breakeven point that they can only define.
  • Atlas ATM will place an ATM in your location at No-Cost to you and will continue to operate the ATM as long as your location continues to handle 200 or more transactions per month.

    Most private ATM operators will only sell or lease you an ATM and will not place an ATM at your location under any agreement. Most financial institutions will only place an ATM in your location if the ATM is handling a high number of monthly transactions (usually 500 per month or more).
  • Atlas ATM Pays For:
    1. The ATM
    2. All Costs of Telephone Installation
    3. All Monthly Telephone Expenses
    4. All Costs of ATM Equipment (ATM, Signs, Supplies etc.)
    5. All Insurance and License Costs pertaining to the ATM.
    6. All Service and related Costs
Atlas ATM Sends a COMMISSION CHECK to you EVERY MONTH starting from the FIRST TRANSACTION !!!